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Conceivable Dreams Newest Mandate

Conceivable Dreams is a grassroots organization, advocating for current and future families, by building awareness and empowering choices to address (in)fertility issues.  Our sponsorship extends to the collection and analysis of data, in support of continued provincial funding of infertility treatments. Our goal is to protect and support Ontario’s growth with sustainable, successful family outcomes. How we do this         Appreciation and support for patient perspectives and experiences.         Taking …Read More

Conceivable Dreams releases 2016 provincial rankings on IVF access

Conceivable Dreams releases 2016 provincial rankings on IVF access TORONTO, May 11, 2016 /CNW/ – Ontario leads among the provinces in Canada when it comes to providing access and support to families and individuals struggling with infertility, a new ranking of provincial jurisdictions found. The 2016 rankings, released by infertility patient group Conceivable Dreams in advance of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, credited both Ontario’s decision to begin funding one cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the choice …Read More

Ontario Tops List of Best Provinces For Fertility Treatment #CIAW #IVF4ON

From Thrifty Momma’s Tips Canadian Infertility Awareness Week is upon us again and infertility advocates have accomplished a great deal this year. Funding is in place and many Ontario infertility patients are now accessing their funded round of IVF treatment. That’s a huge success for Ontario patients and advocates and frankly it saves money and helps to create healthier families. Over 50 different clinics across the province now offer government funded fertility treatments.We are …Read More


(This post is by author Karma Brown originally posted on the blog Karma’s Dogma, excerpt with permission of the writer.) In ONE day my life completely changed. I think about that a lot now, how you can go to bed ONE person, and wake up the next morning to news that fundamentally changes everything you know, trust, believe, expect, and hope for. How you can forever be changed by ONE thing. Eleven years ago today a …Read More

Ontarians Struggling with Infertility Welcome Funding for IVF Treatment

TORONTO, April 10, 2014 /CNW/ – A coalition founded by people struggling with infertility welcomed the news that there will soon be health funding for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Ontario. Conceivable Dreams, The OHIP for IVF Coalition, was responding to this morning’s announcement by Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-term Care, that the Wynne government will cover an initial round of IVF treatments starting in 2015. “This is a huge …Read More

My Family Day Timeline

Family Day 2008. Just as our then-Premier, Dalton McGuinty, was announcing a new holiday designed to give “Ontario families more time to spend together”, we were desperately trying to create a family.  We had just received the devastating news that it would take “an act of God to get pregnant on our own”. In-vitro fertilization would be our only chance to conceive a child.  To add insult to injury, we …Read More

Five Things You Could Have Bought for $10,000: If You Didn’t Have to Pay for IVF

(This post is by author Paula Schuck originally posted on the blog Thrifty Mommas Tips, excerpt with permission of the writer.) This morning I had math on my mind. Well, math, health and shopping, actually. What do all three things have in common? Let me tell you. I was talking to five Facebook friends across Canada and I tallied up the price tag of their collective infertility journeys. The tally …Read More

Finding Your Voice: Advocates for Greater Infertility Awareness

(This post is by author Shannon Szemeneyi originally posted on the blog Sweet Stella’s, excerpt with permission of the writer.) Since sharing our miscarriage story over the past couple of months, we have been touched, and a bit overwhelmed, to hear from so many families who are struggling with infertility. 1 in 6 people struggle with infertility. Almost everyone knows someone who has been struggling publicly or privately. Recently, I participated in …Read More