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September 2012

A Call For Vlogs and Films: IF Festival

This is your invitation to pick up your iphone and get creative. Conceivable Dreams has launched the IF film festival and we need your help. Let’s show the Ontario government and the greater community what infertility looks like. Pin your videos, post them here in a comment, or upload to Youtube. Don’t forget to leave us a link. Read More


Over the past year-and-a-half I have had the pleasure of researching and writing quite a bit on the impact IVF has on couples and the burden that is born by taxpayers in Canada. The province of Quebec, in recognizing this, has been funding IVF treatments and thus reducing the stress on families and the costs on taxpayers. My hope, and the hope of organizations like Conceivable Dreams,http://www.conceivabledreams.org/ is that other provinces …Read More

Infertility impacts Grandparents too

Becoming a Grandparent is said to be one of the greatest joys in life. It is the time in life when you get to truly enjoy the miracle of young life, without the responsibility of being the provider and disciplinarian. It is also the time that you get to watch your own children fall in love with their children. But what if fertility issues prevent that from happening? Instead of watching …Read More

Explaining Why #OHIP4IVF Makes Sense

Some of my readers and followers will have noticed I am on a new mission here lately _ one that involves championing the needs of families as usual, but from a slightly different perspective. Lately I am tweeting with the hashtag #Ohip4ivf because I have joined forces with a group called Conceivable Dreams. Conceivable Dreams is an advocacy based grassroots organization that started with the passion of two parents bent …Read More

The Impact of IVF on Grandparents

I can remember the phone call to my mom, telling her that she would finally become a “Nana“!  We both sobbed over the phone when I told her that our first round of IVF was successful and that her first grandchild was on the way.  Even my Dad (who wasn’t home when I called my mom), cried with me while I told him that one day, he would have a …Read More