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January 2013

A Fertility Pop Quiz For Ontario

This is a throw down. That’s right. This post is a challenge to all my readers. I want to know what you know, or understand, about fertility and infertility. So pop quiz. I will put the correct answers at the end of this post. I totally trust you my loyal readers to be honest and grade yourselves. For those of you who live in Ontario, I am extremely interested to …Read More

One Family’s Story–An IVF Journey

It is a given this time of year when temperatures dip and families begin the process of nesting through the winter, when holidays are pending and the year winds slowly to a close, that we all take stock of our blessings, our gifts, challenges and triumphs. Read More

OHIP Funding of IVF: It’s a Win-Win!

It’s a New Year and with 2013 I am optimistic for change! For families struggling with infertility, I not only hope for new pregnancies and new babies…but also for change. I hope for change in legislation and for added funding to OHIP to include IVF treatment. The benefits of government funding for IVF are huge, and I created an infographic to demonstrate. Read more