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February 2014

My Family Day Timeline

Family Day 2008. Just as our then-Premier, Dalton McGuinty, was announcing a new holiday designed to give “Ontario families more time to spend together”, we were desperately trying to create a family.  We had just received the devastating news that it would take “an act of God to get pregnant on our own”. In-vitro fertilization would be our only chance to conceive a child.  To add insult to injury, we …Read More

Five Things You Could Have Bought for $10,000: If You Didn’t Have to Pay for IVF

(This post is by author Paula Schuck originally posted on the blog Thrifty Mommas Tips, excerpt with permission of the writer.) This morning I had math on my mind. Well, math, health and shopping, actually. What do all three things have in common? Let me tell you. I was talking to five Facebook friends across Canada and I tallied up the price tag of their collective infertility journeys. The tally …Read More